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Household Hazardous
Waste Flyer

Town Officials

Town of Cuba, 15 Water Street, Cuba, NY  14727
585.968.1690     Fax: 585.968.9008     cubatc@yahoo.com   

The Town Board meets on the 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 PM at the Cuba Library, 39 East Main Street

Supervisor Robert Carney 585.307.1678
Deputy Supervisor Joe Miller  
Clerk/Tax Collector Nancy Orcutt 585.968.8113
Deputy Clerk Jeff Orcutt  
Registrar of Vital Stats Nancy Orcutt  
Deputy Registrar Mark Rinker  
Councilman Michele Conlkin 585.968.1690
Councilman Joseph Miller 585.968.1690
Councilman Lon Sweet 585.968.1690
Councilman Timothy Ramsey 585-968-1690

Justice Wendy Tuttle 585.968.1690
Justice Paul Conklin 585.968.1690
Assessor David Crowley 585.968.0129
Assessor Merlin Briggs 585.968.0129
Assessor Richard Truax 585.968.0129
Attorney David Pullen 585.567.2222
Chief of Police Dustin Burch 585.968.1666
Code Enforcement Officer Walter Putt 716.378.7255
Dog Control Officer Richard Patterer 716.307.2208
Highway Superintendent Chad Smith 585.968.2070
Historian David Crowley 585.968.1690
Police Commissioner Rob Carney  
Ambulance Administrator Dustin Burch  
Sewer Dist. #5 Maintenance Dana Harvey  
Board of Review Mike Miller 585.968.1690
Board of Review Thomas Cucchiaro 585.968.1690
Board of Review William Allis 585.968.1690
Police Committee Lon Sweet, Dustin Burch
Highway Committee  Chad Smith, Rob Carney
Ambulance Committee Michele Conklin, Dustin Burch
Equipment Committee Tim Ramsey, Chad Smith, Dustin Burch
Sewer District Committee Michele Conklin, Lon Sweet
Facilities Committee Lon Sweet, Dustin Burch, Chad Smith
Budget Committee Entire Board
Board of Ethics Committee Rob Carney, Joe Miller, Nancy Orcutt
Grievance Committee Mike Miller, Bill Allis, Tom Cucchiaro

Cuba Police Department

Cuba Fire Department

Volunteer Ambulance

National Grid Electric

National Fuel Gas

Cuba Water & Sewer